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Class Registration

2023-2024 Schedule

2023 - 2024 
Aug - May 


All monthly tuition is based off a 10 month season Aug-May, NOT by the number of lessons/weeks in each month. There are no make-up days for holidays. You are only charged for in session classes, holidays are excluded.
30 min class- $64 mth
45 min class- $74 mth
2 45 min classes- $92 mth

All Inclusive Recital Bundle Fees:

All Inclusive Recital Bundle Fees:
Fees: $230 - $365 (plus one sibling) add additional $135 per sibling after (price above minus recital) 
Fees are divided into 2 equal payments.
Deposit Due Nov. 1st. 
Balance Due Feb. 1st. 
ALL FEES are Non-refundable! 
All classes: includes but not limited to;
$80 Costumes.     + $80 per sibling
$45 Pictures.        + $30 per sibling
$20 T Shirts.         + 20 per siblings 
$65 Recital.          + 20 total fam
$15 Video Download 
$5 processing fee
**All dancers and tumblers are assumed participants unless otherwise told.


Thanks for submitting!

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