Special Needs

Proud to offer a Certified dance program for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and other learning differences and special needs!

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is a rhythm and dance program that incorporates evidence-based practices from sensory integration, applications to physical skills, and behavioral strategies. While the focus in on teaching students with learning differences and special needs, the program is also applicable to people of all ages and capabilities! This program will provide an excellent vestibular, proprioceptive  and tactile sensory input experience for children as well as an incredible social opportunity.

Developmental, functional, and motoric goals may be supported through purposeful, client-centered rhythm and dance activities. The program also promotes development in self-regulation, attention and communication skills.

The key to this ground-breaking program is the library of 150 hip hop dance steps that are classified into 31 sensory, kinesiology, cognitive, and motor skill set categories to assist in achieving common developmental goals. Session content is strategically chosen based on the desired skill development of participants, making Rhythm Works Integrative Dance a highly customizable and effective choice.

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance goes well beyond the art of dance. Emerging studies are starting to show that both sound and rhythm have great effects on the brain. We hope to be able to show that by adding purposeful movement to specific music and rhythms, new neuropathways are created to override under or over-functioning pathways, helping kids to better organize their brains and self regulate.

Classes are limited to 8 dancers, all ability levels, ages 3 – teen, boys and girls!!!  We require a parent, a therapist, or a sibling to participate for FREE as the dancer’s buddy.  This person should be able to assist the dancer in class.  This ensures that our classes run as smoothly as possible and our teacher is able to maintain focus on the entire group.

Tuesdays 4:00pm – 4:30pm, 30 min class

 Friday or Saturday TBD

Fall session will be 10 weeks.

Cost: $150 divided into 3 monthly payments and includes 3, 20-minute private instruction and 7, 30- min group instruction.

Classes begin August 2nd 2018 – October 24th 2018 .

*If registering online you will be sent another registration form more specific to get to know more about your child. We will also set up a time for the first 3 private lessons.

**Private times (First come first serve):Tuesdays


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