Jr Age 10-14/Senior Ages 15-18

Jr Age 10-14/Senior Ages 15-18

Foundations and Performance Program

Jr/Sr Ages 10-18yrs

There will soon be 2 levels of all classes, Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced. Great for students that wish to begin at this age and for students that wish to reach goals and grow as a dancer. Dancers at all levels are encouraged to believe in themselves, push to the next level and enjoy the journey! We will also offer valuable performance opportunities for our foundations dancers. Performance is such an important aspect of dance training. It builds confidence, and self-esteem in such a way that will translate over to all aspects of their young lives.

Classes vary at the new location. View the class schedule and register here

Combo 6 Ages 9-11 Grade 4th and 5th

Combo 6:

Tap/Ballet/Acro: This combo class will be a unique, fun and encouraging class specifically designed for each age group. Students will learn rhythm and timing with intermediate tap steps from our renowned Al Gilbert tap curriculum, ballet barre and port de bras fundamentals, and build strength and control in our acro portion of the class. The music for this class is fun and familiar to them, age appropriate and expands on the techniques learned by our younger classes.

*Attire: Leotard, tights, optional skirt. Black tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.

Lyrical Jazz Acro 6: 

This unique class is the perfect mix of ballet, Jazz, and Acrobatics. Students will build strength, flexibility and technique while dancing to their favorite songs! Conditioning and flexibility, Ballet warm-up and technique, and Leaps and Turns! The Acrobatics portion of this class students will learn gymnastics skills, acrobatic tricks and partner tricks. Students will begin at the pre-acro level and progress as far as level 4 in our Acrobatic Arts and Acrobatique national renowned syllabi. Each dancers acro skill will very, dancers must pass each level before moving on to more advanced skills. The average dancer will pass 1-2 levels each year depending on prior training.

Technique skills include: Ballet core basics, Pirouette, Chaine turns, Battements, Chasses, Leaps, and progressions.

Acro Skills and tricks to progress throughout the season: Roll variations, Bridges, Backbend variations, Handstand variations, Cartwheel variations. For advanced students: Walkovers, Aerials, Limbering and Partnering skills. This is the perfect combo class!

Class breakdown: 25 Stretch/Limbering/Acro, 25 Dance technique and choreography

Attire: Leotards, Bike shorts or Leggings, Tan jazz shoes.

Hip Hop 6:

This is a Fun and Exciting class that will explore basic variety of hip hop/funk/ styles and breaking skillz …. more like fancy feet moves at this age ;)! Exciting and fun warm-up, age appropriate music and moves, free-styling and breaking/acro basics.

Junior teens Ages 11-14 : 6th-8th Grade


Lyrical Jazz Acro Jr/Sr: 

This unique class is the perfect mix of ballet, Jazz, and Acrobatics. Students will build strength, flexibility and technique while dancing to their favorite songs! **Focus on: Conditioning and flexibility, Leaps and Turns, and Ballet technique! The Acrobatics portion of this class students will learn gymnastics skills, acrobatic tricks and partner acro tricks. This is the perfect combo class!

*Attire: Leotards, leggings or Shorts. Footless tights required when not mearing leggings or shorts. Bare feet. (Jazz or Lyrical shoes will be required for recital. TBD


Musical Theater/ Tap Jr/Sr:


Students will be introduced to drama, tap and jazz dance choreography! We will explore popular musical theater junior shows as well as create our own for our annual production!

“Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical – humor, pathos, love, anger – are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.” ~wikipedia

*Attire: T-shirts, Leotards, leggings, athletic shorts or joggers *Tan Jazz shoes


Hip Hop: Jr/Sr

This Hip Hop class will explore age appropriate Hip Hop Culture with a focus on a variety of hip hop, funk, Street styles, and breaking skillz . Students will get an introduction to the history and evolution of Hip Hop dance. High energy conditioning warm up and stretch. Age appropriate/clean music and choreography! Curriculum directly from expert industry teachers and choreographers!

*Attire: Leggings, comfortable sweats, t-shirts or tank tops, Soft Sole, non-marking BLACK sneakers such as Pasrty Brad style high tops with a flat bottom will be required for recital. (many performance sneakers can damage our floors as well as shoes that have been worn out in gravel or playgrounds, please be sure to have a separate pair of shoes for class, no outside shoes allowed in the studio!)


Combo Jr/Sr


Jazz/Tap/Technique: Tap Dance portion: The timeless art that combines dance with percussion.  Our tap classes explore traditional Broadway tap rhythms, as well as a more modern style that combines elements of rhythm tap.

Jazz Dance Portion: Focus on the timeless art of Jazz dance as well as current industry leading technique. Conditioning, Flexibility, Leaps and Turns!!

 *Attire: T-shirts, Leotards, leggings, athletic shorts or joggers *Black Tap Shoes and Tan Jazz shoes


Ballet Levels 1-5


Ballet: Be a part of something truly rewarding and experience industry leading training through our Ballet Performance Classes! Students will learn barre technique, port de bras, adage, allegro, and ballet dances.  Students will learn ballet discipline and technique in a new and more enjoyable experience.

*Attire: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes. Hair in a bun!


***Performing Company! ***

Auditions Required! Special extra performances throughout the year and 1 competition. Requirements: Must Audition, Must be able to focus and pick up choreography quickly, Must have a positive attitude and a strong love for performing, Must be enrolled in 2 classes with at least 1 of those classes having a focus on technique. Must be able to commit to 3 hrs a week plus a few extra rehearsals and all performances.  (Extra company, competitions and Costumes Fees Required)


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