Ages 3.5-4 Preschool First Steps

Ages 3.5-4  Preschool First Steps

First Steps Program

Ages 3-4 Pre -K

Your child’s first steps should BE a magical experience. We at Just Be Dance know how to make it just that! We know that a class full of creativity, imagination, encouragement and most of all FUN, while teaching discipline and proper body control and alignment will motivate and inspire the students in all aspects of their young lives.
JBDA curriculum is based on National Dance Standards, Conceptual Dance Approaches, and Brain-Compatible Dance Education.

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Hop and Flop 1/2 Hip Hop/Acro: (30min)

This is a Fun and Exciting class that will explore basic Hip Hop grooves and Acrobatic skills. Exciting and fun warm-up, age appropriate music and grooves, free-styling and breaking/acro basics.

*Attire: Athletic style Leggings, comfortable sweats, t-shirts or tank tops, Soft flat sole, non-marking BLACK sneakers such as Pastry Brand style or Adidas (can be a different brand such as AirWalks) with a flat bottom (no edges, deep grooves, ect.) will be required for recital. (many performance sneakers can damage our floors as well as shoes that have been worn out in gravel or playgrounds, please be sure to have a separate pair of shoes for class, no outside shoes allowed in the studio!)

Combo 1/2 Tap/Ballet/Acro : (50min)

Tap/Ballet/Acro: This combo class will be a unique, fun and encouraging class specifically designed for each age group. Students will learn rhythm and timing with basic tap steps, explore brain-dance technique through creative movement and ballet fundamentals, and build strength and control in our acro portion of the class. The music for this class is fun and familiar to them, age appropriate!

*Attire: Leotard, tights, and skirt or tutu.  Black Tap and Pink ballet shoes.

Preschool Acro-Dance 1/2 (50min)

This is a Fun and Exciting *NEW* class will explore all the basics of Acrobatics. Designed to help students excel in their beginning acro technique skills. The class will focus on stretching and limbering, strength and balance, as well as ballet, jazz and creative movement dance!

*Attire: Leotards, Shorts or leggings.


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