Covid-19 Policy and Procedure

For Just Be Dance Academy to operate safely during these times, we ask that all dancers (please review the basics with your child), family members, and staff always adhere to the following:

View our Warnings, Flow Chart, and Reporting protocol here.

Outlined Procedures:

*Self-isolation: If you are sick or have been in contact with anyone Covid-19 positive. Follow CDC guidelines for self or family isolation.

*Masks or Face coverings are recommended for age 12- adult when in common areas and lobby and when distancing of 6ft or more is not an option.

*Exceptions to masks or face coverings: Medical condition, ages 11 and under and *all ages while dancing.  Staff is always required to wear masks. Always cover mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Dispose of tissue and wash hands after.

*Practice Social Distancing of at least 6ft or more.

*Wash Hands Frequently. Before leaving home, after eating, before and after classes.

*Cleaning and Disinfecting: All staff will commit to excessive cleaning practices. All surfaces will be cleaned before each new class enters these areas include ballet barres, mats, equipment’s, doors, bathrooms, and studio floors. All studios will have proper air circulation, extra HEPA filter purifying and filtering. Just Be Dance will use a natural anti-microbial/anti-bacterial concentrated mist and wipes..

*Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible. Parents please remind and discuss the importance with your child. Staff will remind children with fun and memorable quotes and rhymes.

*Avoid sharing props or other equipment or disinfect between use. Individual mat fees for acro students will be applied so each student can have their own during class.

*Lobby: At this time, our lobby will remain closed. We will open the lobby on a rotation schedule to room parents so each parent has a chance to watch their child dance. Parents/Guardians will drop off and remain in their car or return on time for car line pick up. It is imperative children are picked up ON time to assist in smooth and effective transitions. Students 4 and under can have 1 parent bring them in if absolute necessary.

*Staggered times: To eliminate cross traffic and maintain social distancing, Just Be Dance has created a schedule that is staggered for each studio space and allows time for cleaning between classes.

*Temperature Checks: Dependent on a few factors. We will either advise parents to take their child’s temperature and sign an acknowledgement or Just Be Dance Academy staff will take temperatures at the door before entering class. Students that have a temperature or had a temperature in the past 48 hours of 100.0 or higher may not be permitted to attend in-person classes.

*Sanitize stations: All families, students and staff must sanitize their hands before entering and exiting the classroom. If anyone should have a skin allergy or aversion to hand sanitizer, we ask you wash hands often and thoroughly in place of sanitizing.

*Water: There will be no access to water fountains. Dancers can bring their own water bottles.

*Dance Bags and Attire: Please wash and wipe down often. Each dancer will have a designated spot, spaced out 6ft each, to place their dance bags. We encourage dancers to only wear their dance shoes during dance class then wipe and place in their bags after. Please have a separate clean pair of shoes to enter and exit the building.

*Studio spacing and capacity: Each studio has been carefully marked and spaced for each student to dance in their own space. We will still encourage fun ways to connect and socialize with the distance between.

*Schedule: Just Be Dance has taken extra precautions in scheduling to ensure safety. Small class sizes, staggered start times, and extra time allotted for cleaning and disinfecting.

*Quarantine plane: Should a student need to miss classes due to exposure or thought of exposure, Just Be Dance Academy will provide unlimited virtual class options or make-up classes. Please review our Self-Isolate/ quarantine protocols here.