Hi, Melissa Camarata here and I am the founder/director/current teacher at Just Be Dance Academy! Thank you for stopping by and seeing what Just Be Dance is all about. My hope is that after seeing what we have to offer you are excited and find value in what we/I will bring to the community.

My Mission is simple:

It’s not about being better than the other amazing dance studios and incredible instructors, rather it’s about being DIFFERENT!

My journey to creating the Just Be dance experience started when I began to ask myself how can I BE more, how can I GIVE more, how can I use my passion, experience, training, and ideas to offer something different and needed in this industry?

It was a long journey through the past few years where I had some trials and failures that I discovered how to just BE… Let me explain. I had an amazing teaching job with an equally amazing program, yet I was still desiring more. I had yet another amazing opportunity land at my feet and while it was an incredible and fun gig, there were moments that were very eye opening and out of my control, which I couldn’t handle, situations that ultimately ended with a feeling of failure. I had moments of pure joy, passion, and just in my element. Followed by moments of disappointment and frustration over things I couldn’t control, that’s life though right? I could dwell or I could be grateful for the lessons…So from that moment on, after only a few tears were shed 😉 ,  I decided to literally JUST BE! Just be content in my journey, Just be bold and confident in my journey, Just be fearless and believe in the love and passion for dance I had inside of me, and most of all Just be confident in my experiences and training’s that lead me to where I am now!

I began to delve deeper into my on-going training’s, partner with programs and companies that share my values and vision for what I saw in my future, collaborate with incredible people in the industry and that’s when it hit me…. that’s when Just Be Dance Academy was born! It happened just like that, so fast. I had the vision and the right partnerships, it was the perfect time to go just go all in! Before I knew it (like after only a few shorts months from when the idea came about) we found a location, with the right builders, whom have been so amazing to us, that it really just felt like it was absolutely meant to be!

Just Be Dance Academy was born!!!

Now came the time to put that vision into action….akkkk

I had to block out all fear and doubt, have unwavering faith, be bold and courageous, and trust that I had it in me. My passion and vision grew daily, I felt alive! With endless notes and BIG ideas I began to stress over truly creating something innovative and unique. All though the class titles are the same and the concept is the same how can I truly deliver my brand mission? Simple; by having the ideas, the drive, and the partnerships I began to find ways to improve on how I believed the classes should be taught to fit the vision. By incorporating my background knowledge and experience with new and innovative curriculum approaches I truly believe Just Be Dance Academy will deliver on it’s brand mission and values!! Just Be Dance Academy will deliver a wonderful and Different dance experience for all!

Experience the Difference!

Be Inspired, Be Encouraged, Be Courageous, Be Bold, Be Fearless, Be Kind, Be Confident, Be YOU tiful…

Just Be…

To read about my full Mission and Values check out the About page!

Thank you for stopping by to follow my journey!

Melissa Camarata



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